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Located in the historical Montebello Mansion, the namesake of Montebello, N.Y., our production house is surrounded by commanding views of the Ramapo mountains. The name Montebello, which means beautiful mountain in Italian, is a nod to the stunning scenery.

What does this tell you about Montebello Media?

We don’t do things halfway.

You have a message to share. You want to create compelling content, and you wish to convey life and passion to a larger viewer base. All you need is a plan, platform and mic.   

That’s where we come in.

Meet the production team

Our experienced team of writers and video editors will carry you all the way from amateur presenter to seasoned podcastor.

Israel Romand CMO of Montebello Media

Israel Romand


After serving in the Israeli Defense Forces, Israel Romand spent close to a decade successfully helping businesses raise their vertical and expand their target market. Using his years of experience, Israel launched his own marketing agency (Those Marketers) and SAAS company (Leadlenz) as channels through which startups and businesses could easily access the latest digital technologies and marketing strategies. Observing the rising tide of decentralized media, Israel shifted his skillset over to helping build Montebello Media, a production house geared toward empowering people to take control of their personal narrative.

Calvin Coulthard Senior Media Director of Montebello Media

Calvin Coulthard


With over a decade’s experience in video production, Cal has been around the world for companies like WWE, Benelli shotguns and RECOILtv. His most recent projects included helping launch the digital arm of RECOIL Magazine. Working from the ground up, Cal has amassed experience in virtually every setting connected with video production. As media director, he aims to direct his hard-won wisdom toward helping Montebello Media’s clients continuously scale new heights. A passionate outdoorsman and snowboarder, you can typically find Cal on a mountainside. That is, when he isn’t creating high quality productions for Montebello Media.

Ovadia Sorscher Senior Content Developer at Montebello Media

Ovadia Sorscher


Following his graduation from Fairleigh Dickinson University, Ovadia discovered his love of language and began communicating ideas through his work in journalism. Having worked with a diverse range of personalities, Ovadia soon realized that giving people the ability to share their narrative in a clear and effective manner was his passion. When he isn’t spending his free time reading, writing, or refining a message, he is usually chilling with the guys, a burger and beer at his side.

Logan Sasse Associate Media Producer at Montebello Media

Logan Sasse


A graduate of SW BOCES, Logan has worked with Macinspires, Future Stars Summer Camps, LMC Media and PCSTV. During that time, he improved working conditions by providing innovative solutions on how to more effectively complete daily tasks. Currently, he has a Youtube channel where he puts together promotional videos about his product creations before he sells them to an audience of over 2.4k subscribers. As production assistant at Montebello Media, Logan brings close to ten years of experience in video production, video editing, graphic design, drone piloting, online marketing, tech repair, and cyber security to help aspiring thought leaders achieve more in video production. When he isn’t working, he can be found expanding his baseline of knowledge in digital media with whatever information he can get his hands on.

Mordekai Horowitz Associate Media Producer at Montebello Media

Mordekai Horowitz​


Mordekai discovered an affinity for video editing after he graduated from Touro’s School of Technology with a Master’s degree in Web & Multimedia. His passion for producing top quality films shines through with the dedication of his work at Montebello Media. When he’s not editing film, Mordekai can be found dabbling in animation, digital art, music production and the culinary arts. An absolute food connoisseur, he’s your guy if you want a perfectly brewed coffee.

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